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Wushu Class

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Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Non-Degree
Entry Requirements: Any education background is acceptable
Duration: 0 N/A
Hours/Week: 15 hrs/wk
Starting Date: Oct. 2018
Applocation Deadline: Oct 15,2018
Tuition Fee: CNY 80 per hour
Application Fee: 65 USD (Non-Refundable)


  • 1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.
  • 2. Be in good health condition and above the age of 18.
  • 3. With reliable financial support and custody.
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Choosing Reasons

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Program Description

Wushu Class:
Curriculum of Taijiquan Class
Changquan and traditional Quan Class
Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Class

Time Schedule:
8:00 - 10:30 (Monday to Friday)
15 academic hours a week, approximately 20 weeks a semester

Short-term Students:
3,000 RMB/month (80 RMB/academic hour if it is less than a month)

Entry Requirements

Application Materials

1Photocopy of valid passport
With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3Photocopy of Guarantee Letter(shandong)
A Guarantee Letter (click to have a look at the sample) from your school, the education agency or consulting company to prove you are in good conduct is compulsory. Click here to download the template and seal it, and then upload the photocopy through SICAS.

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