Binzhou Medical University

Why Study in Binzhou Medical University


Binzhou Medical University is a common medical university at provincial level in Shandong Province,and its predecessor was the Public Medical School of Shandong University originally established in 1946. The university follows its school-running tradition that “teaching comes first, and quality is prior to any others” and that “the education of man is a fundamental, and moral education has the priority”, and puts into practices its university dictum of “benevolent mind and wonderful skills”. Sticking to the centeredness on the cultivation of talents and that on the improvement of quality, it has trained more than 61,000 talented people in medicine and medicine-related trades for the society.

Teachers & Students

The university has more than 15,800 full-time students, has a staff of 976, including 685 full-time teachers. It boasts 91 professors, 227 associate professors. There are three academicians in working in the university, nine experts (professors) with “Taishan Scholar” entitlement.The university has 11 schools (faculties), 25 undergraduate majors, four characteristic subject construction units of higher education at the level of Ministry of Education, and seven characteristic subjects at provincial level. It boasts the authorization of master’s degree conferment in three first-class disciplines and two majors, 35 second-class disciplines, one key discipline authorized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and six “Taishan Scholar” disciplines. Its key provincial-level disciplines reach eight, with its key diciplines and bases of humanities and social sciences topping 13. There are altogether 27 provincial-level excellent courses and bilingual demonstration courses, three demonstration teaching center, five teaching teams, and one experimental site for talents training.

Disciplines and Scientific Research

The university insists on the leading position of discipline building and the keystone position of scientific research. Adhering to such discipline construction principle as to “set boundaries for ourselves, intensify key points and give prominence to features”, the university has paid much attention to the construction of disciplines at and above provincial level. Now, it has 11 key disciplines (laboratories) at provincial level; in particular, four disciplines have been selected into the strengthening project of key disciplines at university level.

The Twelfth Five-Year Plan TCM Key Discipline,SATCM

Integrated Tradional Chinese and Western clinical Medicine

Key Disciplines (Laboratories) at Provincial Level at the Binzhou Medical University

Key Disciplines (Laboratories) at Provincial Level

Key Disciplines (Laboratories) at Provincial Level

Medical Immunology


Clinical Stomatology

Human anatomy and Histoembryology

Clinical Nutrition Support Center

Pathology and Pathophysiology

Laboratory of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

Imaging and Nuclear Medicine (Intensified construction with characteristics)

Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cancer

Medical Biotechnology Laboratory (Intensified construction)

Center of Research on Medical Humanities


Future Develepment

In future, the university will insist on following the important instruction of the The18th National Congress of the CPC, sticking to the right school-running direction and fully implementing the party’s educational policies, the national and provincial plans for long-term educational reforms. In accordance with the general layout and thought of development of “One strategic goal, five strategic points”, the university strives to strengthen its development by promoting school-running characteristics, improving the quality of education and teaching standards. Binzhou Medical University will endeavor to build a satisfactory medical university and make greater economic and social contributions to the national and regional development.