China University of Petroleum (Huadong)

Notice for New Students

1. Registration Time All new students admitted for Fall Semester are required to complete the registration before 10th Sept.. 

2. Registration Office 

1)Room1216, Office Building,International Students Office, China University of Petroleum (Huadong) 
3)Address:#66, Changjiang Xi Road, Qingdao Economic Develop Zone, Shandong Province. 

3. Materials For Registration Students MUST provide those materials when processing the registration: 

1) Passport
2) 8 photos (as that in your passport)
3) Diploma or Graduation Certificate or Study Certificate 
4) English Level Certificate,If you don’t have, you have to take our English Test. 

4. About the Fees 

1) The fees includes: Tuition, Room fee, Room Deposit, Bedding fee ect. 
2) Use RMB for the settling account. All fees must be paid within 1 week after the new semester begins. If you cannot pay or you are purposely in default of paying the fees, you will be advised to leave the university. 

5. Entry Requirements 

1) Students MUST register in the University WITHIN 24 hours after entering into China. 
2) If you CANNOT come to the university within 24 hours, you have to register at the hotel or the nearest Police Office where you will temporally live. Otherwise, you will be fined after 24 hours. 

6. Traffic Information It will take about 1 hour and cost RMB300.00 from the Qingdao Airport to the University by taxi. IF YOU HAVE READ ALL THE ABOVE INFORMATION AND WILL ACCEPT CHINESE LAWS AND REGULATIONS, PLEASE SIGN YOUR NAME AND COME TO REGISTER ON TIME.