Guizhou University


A. Chinese Programs & Degree Students


Students are provided with accommodations in the University International Hostel. New students are required to stay in the Hostel at least for one semester. After one semester, he or she can choose off campus living.

The rooms and apartments come with a bathroom, refrigerator, telephone, TV set, electric heating and fan. Public Laundry facilities are provided for student’s use.
Upon arrival, a security deposit of 500 CNY is required from each student. When the student finishes his/ her study or moving out of the Guesthouse, the deposit will be returned if the room and facilities are kept in reasonable shape by the residents. Lodging agreement needs to be signed when moving into the Hostel.

To share a 3-person dorm room (separate bedroom, shared living room and bathroom): 500 CNY per month per student (electricity is charged separately).
To have a standard single room (with private bathroom): 600CNY per month per person(electricity is charged separately).
To have a standard single room (with private bathroom and kitchen): 800CNY per month per person(electricity is charged separately).

Other Cost

Food, medical care, travel and other expenses are the responsibility of the students. Medical services are offered at the campus infirmary or at Huaxi Hospital, which both are only a few blocks from the students' residence. Medical expenses are very reasonable.

Students may have meals in the nearby restaurant or eat in the university canteen at a cost of one dollar per meal.

B. Summer School Program

(1) Lodging:

US$ 10 per day (2 persons) for sharing a two-person dorm room;
US$ 30 per day (2 persons) for twin-share rooms when travels outside the city on weekends.

(2) Food

US$ 5.50 per day for 3 meals in the university canteens or small restaurants near the International Student Guesthouse or the University students’ canteens during weekdays;
US$ 8 per day for 3 meals when traveling outside the city on weekends