Heilongjiang University



Payments | Categories


Textbook Fee



General Studying on Chinese

13,000 RMB

21RMB-37RMB per day per person double occupancy 42RMB-74RMB per day single occupancy

According to the textbooks' price

About 600RMB per month

Undergraduate Program

15,500 RMB

Postgraduate Program

21,000 RMB

Doctoral Program

28,000 RMB

33-46RMB per day per person double occupancy

Short-term Program

1500RMB for the first week; 400RMB for each additional week

Medical Treatment

A complete clinic and doctor on duty are readily available for long-term and short-term students’ medical care at Heilongjiang University Hospital. All medical expenses are the responsibility of the students, but costs are low.