Jinggangshan University

The Opening Ceremony Was Held for the 3rd Organizations Culture Festival

Students’ auditorium was festooned with lights and blanketed with flowers. More than 1500 teachers and students watched the opening ceremony for the 3rd organizations culture festival and the evening party entitled Passionate May 4 and Colorful Organizations, which were jointly host by students' organizations of Jinggangshan University.

 At the party, the Loving heart Society dedicated two songs "Be together, alive or not" and "Song of Young Volunteers". Melodious songs reminded the moving scenes that quake-hit Yushu people fought against fate and people from all over the country were united together by flesh-and-blood ties. The party was started under a moving atmosphere. What followed was an animation reality show Dead Gods of black and white apparels which gave a presentation of the struggle between justice and evil. Subsequently, a humorous offbeat debate named Twittering Debate given by the debate association won thundering applause. The psychodrama "Heartfelt Wishes" told a story of a vain university girl who became aware of her errors and turned back from the wrong path moved by mother love. The plot was extremely touching. The dance Xiushui Jiangnan with graceful postures and sweet music showcased the infinite beauty of Jiangnan Area of China. The song and dance solo Jixiang Ballad gave a full expression of customs from exotic regions. Programs such as cross talk, short act, recital, speech and roller skating dance etc were performed by nearly 300 actors from 65 student organizations, which dedicated visually and acoustically one feast after another for the audience.

 It was reported that, as the main event in commemoration of the 91st anniversary of May 4th Movement, the third organizations culture festival centered upon the theme Inheriting the tradition of May 4th, Describing Colorful Organizations, Welcoming the World Expo, and Constructing a Harmonious Campus. During the following near-to-one month, nearly 50 popular activities would be held by various student organizations, such as picture illustrating competition, poem composing contest, hip hop dance competition, field investigation of the campus environment and so forth.