Liaoning University Of Technology


Tuition for Degree Programs (English instruction):

Master’s Degree: RMB 29,400 per year (three-year system)

Bachelor’s Degree: RMB 18,000 RMB per year (four-year system)

Tuition for Chinese Language training program:

       RMB 7,000 per semester, RMB 13,000 per academic year.

       (Chinese training tuition waived for students who choose to study an undergraduate or postgraduate major at our university)

      Other fees:

 » Resident permit:  RMB 400 for 6 months, RMB 800 for 12 months

 » Photos:  RMB 40

 » Medical checkup:  RMB 400

 » Room deposit: RMB 300

 » Insurance:  RMB 100 per year

 » Student card: RMB 10

 » Books: Depending on courses