Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics


(1) Tuition Fees Per Year:

•         Bachelor Degrees:

    17,600 RMB for studying with Chinese students

    19,800 RMB for Engineering courses taught in English

    18,700 RMB for International Business taught in English

•          Master Degree:  24,500 RMB

•          Doctoral Degree: 27,500 RMB   

•          Chinese Language Training: 13,800 RMB (or 6900 RMB for half year)

 (2) Application Fee 400 RMB

(3) Accommodation Fees: 4000 RMB per year

•    Students' Apartment on Campus: 4000 RMB (about 570 USD) for each student per year, living in students' apartments –TWO students share a room and an apartment consists of 4 rooms with air-conditioner, a living room, and a washing room and is equipped with a TV, a microwave oven, a washing machine, 2 showers, and internet & telephone access.

 (4) Other Fees: About 10,000 RMB (about 1450 USD) per year

•          Residence permit: 400 RMB for one year or half-year

•          Food: About 5000 RMB per year

•          Medical Insurance: About 600 RMB per year

•          Teaching Materials (Books): Actual fee, About 600 RMB per year

•          Bedclothes: About 500 RMB

•          Electricity (mainly for air-condition): About 800 RMB for each student per year

•          Personal expenses: About 3000 RMB per year

1. Students are expected to pay their fees within the first week dating from the beginning of the academic year.
2. The international students should keep the invoice for tuition in case of query. If the students lose the invoice, the tuition won't be refundable.