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Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Non-Degree
Entry Requirements: Any education background is acceptable
Duration: 0 N/A
Hours/Week: 17 hrs/wk
Starting Date: Oct. 2021
Applocation Deadline: Nov 18,2023
Tuition Fee: CNY 0 In total
Application Fee: 300 USD (Non-Refundable)


  • 1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.
  • 2. Be in good health condition and above the age of 18.
  • 3. With reliable financial support and custody.
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Program Description

SICAS PLUS Package 100% gurantee your Admission Letter and One stop- One for One service quality in China as the Agreement attached ! You will get the 100% refund if SICAS fail to get you the Amidssion Letter and fail to offer u other services mentioned in the attachment.

We offer genue service (See the attachment in details).  We are a real Chinese orgnization based in China, all our staff are Chinese. Which can really take care of your children ,including :

01. Admission Guarantee Service:  Gurantee for your Admission Letter to be issued.

02. New Students Orientation Week:  for the  first week, There 's always New Orientation for SICAS PLUS Student specially. SICAS arrange specific staff to take care of  international students in the first whole week to help them 24/7 ,  for shoping, banking, booking tickets, hotel, mobile , confirming Regsiration Procedure , link you with all  professional Departments, bring you to Police Station for Resdient Permit ,Medical Check Center for Health Check ,find the Monsque for Muslim and  Church for Christin people,  and each of the staff are full of experience to handle any emergency issue for each student, and fluent in English and Chinese .  

03. English  Driver and airport pick up.

04. Accommodation arrangement on campus or renting apartment according to the request of each student. ( no matter to confirm on campus or renting apartment  in a near, safe district according to the requirements of the students and parents, but within the define of the Law of Chinese Govenment and Local Government, and also Universities, Police Station , and so on. To keep a safe life for students all the time. SICAS also offers special Law consultant Service for the Apartment Renting Agreement between students and Landloard to avoide any Rending abuse case)

05. Resident permit.  (This is compulsory ,and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit )

06. Medical Check in China.  (This is compulsory ,and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit )

07. Insurance in China.  (This is compulsory ,and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit )

08. Registration on Campus .   (This is compulsory ,and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit )
 For Number 4 ---7, you may ask Is all China same for these items? The reply is "Different region in China have different price. and this is the lowest one that we show you as we are talking about expenditure.")

09. SICAS four to six years 24 hours parents -style care as their supervisor  for any issue or accident of SICAS Students.

Guarantee Announcement of SICAS One for one Admission Guarantee&One-stop Service.pdf

Entry Requirements

1.  Observe the law and regulations of People's Republic of China and all regulations of the university
2.  Be in good health
3.  Under 55 of age;
4.  With reliable financial support and custody.

Application Materials

1.Photocopy of valid passport

With photo, passport number & expiration date and name included.

2.Passport-sized photo

A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3.Certificate/Diploma of highest education
The certificate should be in English or Chinese, if not,it should be translated into English or Chinese and be notarized
How to apply

Choose a Course > Apply > Get Accepted > Apply for Visa > Pre-departure > Start Studying


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Pay Fees / Send to University