South China University of Technology

Welcome from the President

As President of South China University of Technology (SCUT), I welcome you to the university for study, research and visit.

SCUT is one of China's 43 key universities under the direct leadership of the China State Ministry of Education and is widely recognized as one of the most creative and influential universities in China. This reputation has its basis in the University's historical commitment to innovative courses, cross-disciplinary teaching and research, and flexible and high responses to society needs.
SCUT was established in November 1952, on the basis of readjustment and amalgamation of the relevant departments of 12 universities in five provinces in Mid-South China. Over the past 50 years, it has developed into a comprehensive university combining science, engineering, liberal arts, industry, and business management. In June 1995, SCUT was first ranked among the universities upon which China is to place financial stress in the new millennium of the 21st century.
SCUT is open to the world and taking an active part in international academic exchange. It is connected with over 50 overseas universities in programs that promote graduate-cultivating and scientific research. We have International Students from more than 20 countries of the five continents to study Chinese, Chinese Culture, Science & Engineering or Business of Management in SCUT. With years of practice of teaching Chinese language to the International Students, our language teachers have got enriched experience. The university committee is very care of International Student Education. SCUT has built a new dorm for International Students in the west district of its North Campus. It comprises dormitory rooms, classrooms, dining hall, public kitchen, etc.
SCUT is situated in Guangzhou, a southern metropolitan in China, and has a total area of 294 hectares. The university has two campuses. The North Campus is a propound culture area in beautiful surroundings of lakes and mountains, bluish greenery and luxuriant flowers, traditional buildings and modern architecture. The South Campus provides an ideal place for study and research with a beautiful environment and advanced facilities, as well as innovation mechanisms and professional management. International Students in our university do have a good study and living environment.
Warmly welcome to pursue your academic excellence in SCUT.

Prof. Li Yuanyuan
President of South China University of Technology