Southwest University for Nationalities


Campus View Southwest University For Nationalities is located in Chengdu, which is the capital city of the Sichuan province and one of the largest metropolises in Southwest China. The university covers an area of over 1600 mu with 448,000 square meters for floor area. Its main campus is located in the Southwestern section of Chengdu on yihuánlù, the 1st ring road. The other two campuses are located one in Shuangliu county, near the airport; the other one is outside the second ring road, called Taipingyuan.
Chengdu is the "Land of Abundance", and is in adjacent to the famous Wuhou Temple. It is not only among the first group of famous historical and cultural cities ratified by the State Council but also a well known tourist attraction all over China.
Chengdu is an ancient city with more than 2000 years, therefore there are lots of historical scenic spots in the city such as Wuhou Temple, Dufu’s Thatched Cottage, the Tomb of Wangjian and Jinsha Ruins etc. World Cultural Heritage Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Mt. Qingcheng is located in the suburb of Chengdu, the largest panda reserve zone in the world, Wolong is only 2-hour’s drive from the city by car.
The Fifty-six minorities in SWUN Also Chengdu is the traffic hinge of landway and aviation of Sichuan Province and the city has an international airport connecting the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, France and other countries. It also connects most major Chinese cities by frequent flight, railways, and highways. Another attraction for foreign students is the fact that Chengdu is the gateway to mysterious Tibet.

Sichuan has many minority nationalities and tourism resources. In order to make international students understand Chinese culture and ethnic culture well, we will arrange international students to minority nationalities regions or places of interest to do some field trip.