Sun Yat sen University

Sun Yat sen University Banks

there are many kinds of banks and hospitals in Guangzhou, SICAS(Study in China Admission System) provides a lot of information on the banks and hospitals in Guangzhou. if you come accross anyother problems, don't hesitate to cantact with SICAS.

Sun Yat sen University Nightlife

Nightlife in Guanghzou is colorful. SICAS recommends you some great spot to spend your night life.

Sun Yat sen University Dining

SICAS(Study in China Admission System) introduces you famous restaurants and local food around Sun Yat sen University

Sun Yat sen University Transportation

Transportation to Sun Yat sen University is very convenient, the transportation tools include shuttle bus, taxi, ferry, public bus and train. SICAS can pick you up from the airport if you book SICAS “Plus Package Service”

Sun Yat sen University Accommodation

As an international student studying in Sun Yat sen University, you can choose to live on campus or off campus, SICAS(Study in China Admission System) gives the details of the accommodation on campus and off campus.

Guideline for Registration

Guideline for Registrationfor study in Sun Yat-sen University,study in China,study MBBS in China ,study Business in China,study Engineering in China, study Chinese in China Guideline for Registration1.You are required to register at the Office Building of the School of Chinese as a Second Language (SCSL). Read the STEPS TO BE FOLLOWED and FIRST - WEEK ARRANGEMENTS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS and the other notices before starting the registration process. Understanding the overall timetable and procedures will facilitate your registration process

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