Xiamen University


 Accommodation fee (utility charges not included)

* Siming Campus: 

Holders of full scholarships or partial scholarships covering accommodation fee will be given preference over self-funded students in the allocation of dorm rooms on the Siming campus. The on-campus dormitories will be made available to self-funded students when there are vacancies. The overseas student apartment buildings on the Siming Campus are set in picturesque surroundings and enjoy a view of the sea and fresh air. The dorms are equipped with a range of amenities. Undergraduates live in four-person rooms with the monthly accommodation fee of RMB 750.

* Off- Siming campus accommodation: 

Due to the limited number of dormitories on the Siming campus, self-funded students and recipients of Xiamen University Scholarships should make arrangements for off-campus accommodation before registration. Living off-campus provides greater opportunities to interact with the locals and to learn about the local community and culture. Students can choose to rent off-campus apartments and the monthly rental is around RMB 2,000 per room. When living off-campus, international students will enjoy a quiet learning environment.

* Xiang’an Campus: 

Students of the School of Life Sciences, Medical School, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Public Health, College of Oceanography and Earth Sciences, College of Environment and Ecology, College of Energy Research and Overseas Education College are accommodated on the Xiang’an campus.

The student apartments are equipped with a comprehensive range of amenities, with all rooms containing a private bathroom, a telephone, an air conditioner, Internet access points, a water heater, a safe, etc. 

Undergraduates live in four-person rooms with an accommodation fee of RMB 1,200 per person per year. 

Undergraduates of the Overseas Education College live in double rooms with the accommodation fee of RMB 2,000 per person per year. 

Undergraduates of MBBS live in double rooms with the accommodation fee of RMB 1,600 per person per year(water and electricity costs not included)

Living expenses: Around RMB 750 per month.

Student insurance: RMB 600 per year.

Dorm of Xiamen UniversityLaundry of Xiamen University

               Dorm of Xiamen University    
                                                     Laundry of Xiamen University