Yunnan University

Why Study in Yunnan University

The yunnan university was founded in 1922, is the private east LiuDaXue, 1934 more the name is provincial yunnan university, changed in 1938 to national yunnan university, in the west of China is the establishment of a frontier of one of comprehensive university. In 1937, the famous mathematician, educators XiongQing to serve as the principal, gu, WuWenZao, LiuWenDian, ChuTuNa, YanJiCi, hua luogeng, ChenShengShen, feng youlan, a large number of well-known scholars such as fei gathers, laid the school high development basis points and deeply academic background, a big cloud in the history of the first glorious period. In the 1940 s, the yunnan university has become a including literature and law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and other disciplines, and large scale, have in the world of one of China's famous university influence. In 1946, the British concise encyclopedia of yunnan university will be listed as one of the China's 15 one of the world famous university.

50 s departments adjustment, subordinate to the yunnan university some important and distinctive department, such as air, civil, law, railways are merged into a at the time of sichuan university, Beijing aviation institute, southwest college of colleges and universities; Work, medical, agriculture, etc have independent school, and gradually developed for today's kunming university of science and technology, kunming, yunnan agriculture university medical school, southwest forestry university college, etc. In 1958, the yunnan university GaoJiaoBu down by the central yunnan province management. In 1978, the state council determined for yunnan university is one of the nation's 88 key university.

Since the reform and opening up, especially since the 90 s, the yunnan university has achieved great progress. In 1996 the first listed in the national "211 project" key construction university, 2001 on the development of the western region key construction college, 2004 to become the ministry of education and the people's government of yunnan province key universities to build. In 2006, the school accept the ministry of education expert group level of job of undergraduate course teaching evaluation, A total of 19 second-level indexes all evaluation for A, be rated as the ministry of education undergraduate teaching good schools.

In recent years, the yunnan university follow "based on frontier, yunnan, improve the service level, characterizing" managerial train of thought, set up the "seeking truth, innovation, be good" to manage the idea of running, hold "211 project", ChengGong campus and provincial department of build opportunity, deepening the reform and accelerate the development of the school comprehensive strength and overall level to a new stage. The yunnan university has become a so ethnology, biology, the characteristic resource development and environment protection, as well as border problems and southeast Asia, South Asia international studies for characteristic advantage, literature, history, philosophy, as, pipe, work, the principle, method, education, medicine, agriculture, and other disciplines are complete, the human resource of the key comprehensive university.

The school covers an area of 4551.84 hectares, public school building area more than 1.032 million square meters; Under the 17 colleges, 10 research institute, an education department is expected, a student of the court, full-time undergraduate students in 14202, graduate student 13200 people. The school existing staff 2821 people, full-time teachers 1631 people, among them, academy of engineering 1 person, double hired academician 3 people, national outstanding contributions experts 6 people, to receive the state council special allowance of experts 15 people, the national outstanding youth science fund gainer 2 people, national "one thousand project" list 1 person, "cheung kong scholars" physics, 1 person, national teaching masters award 4, the ministry of education "new century excellent talent cultivation plan", "cross-century talents cultivation plan" and "higher school teachers aid plan" 13 people enrolled, ministry of education "outstanding young teachers in colleges and universities prize winner 1 person, Chinese academy of sciences" western "light from the talent cultivation plan enrolled in four people, personnel" key talent project "4 people enrolled; Yunnan province academic technology leader, the young and middle-aged technology innovation talents 52 people, young and middle-aged academic technology province leader backup talents 53 people, yunnan university teaching research leaders 21 people, teaching masters 15 people in yunnan province and yunnan province innovation team six, yunnan, the high-end technology talent 5 people, provincial outstanding contributions experts 14 people and enjoy the provincial government special subsidy of experts nine people.